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Stretch It Out


Children's Stretches

with Teresa Epstein

When school is in session also comes the return of tight schedules and tight muscles! Sitting at a desk all day stimulates the minds of our children, but how do we ensure that their bodies are also getting what they need? The answer is in a few quick, easy and fun stretches that they can do throughout their busy day. Trying these out with your child is the BEST way to keep them on a consistent plan, so enjoy these stretches with them!

As with any exercise plan, start gently and gradually increase with their comfort level. If you have any questions or if your child has an injury or other concern, please consult Dr. Lee before starting this regimen.


Morning Stretches

In the morning we need to activate those muscles and get oxygen to our bodies. Start with arching the back and a big wide yawn. Next move on to extension and flexion of the fingers and arms. Then give it a little wiggle to shake it off!






Afternoon Stretches

After lunch we want to revitalize and pump ourselves up for the rest of the day! We can redo the morning stretches and add on a few more. Flexing wrists forward and backward for 20 seconds each can help prevent future issues. Hands overhead and hands to floor are great full range motions that target the shoulders, arms, upper back and chest. Hold each repetition for 20 seconds. Start with 5 repetitions of each stretch.

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