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Chiropractic Care For Infants, Children & Teens

Welcome to the section of our site dealing with the health issues of infants, children and teens.

This area provides parents with useful information necessary in raising a healthy family. Healthy habits are formed, or not formed, at a very early age. Thus, we urge parents to take an active role in their children's health and teach their children through healthy examples.

Come back often as we update, add and improve upon the site regularly. Also, if you have any suggestions or comments, please send them our way.

Dr. Lee's is well-trained in caring for children from birth. Chiropractic care is extremely effective for a multitude of health challenges. Parents are starting to understand that health is related to the spine and nervous system, and thereby corrected with natural chiropractic techniques to re-balance the essential communication from the brain to the cells, organs, and tissues of the body.

The best part? Chiropractic care is non-invasive. Most children run to our adjusting tables to get their tune-ups, and smile throughout. They enjoy our play area in our waiting room. Parents often comment that their kids continually ask mom or dad, "When are we going to get adjusted?"

People used to believe that you had to have a "back problem" to see a chiropractor, however, today, many more families see amazing benefits of maintaining good health, versus merely repairing illness and dysfunction.


Many of our patients have reported improvements with pediatric chiropractic care for common issues like:

  • Colic

  • Reflux

  • Asthma

  • Allergies


  • Bed-wetting

  • Concentration Issues

  • Headaches

  • Constipation.Digestive Issues

  • Ear Infections

  • Irritability

  • Difficulty Breastfeeding

  • Immune System Dysfunction: colds, allergies, flu, stomach virus, etc.

Read much for of the benefits of Pediatric Adjustments, click on the link below.

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