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  • Friendly and courteous staff

  • Professional but relaxing atmosphere

  • Secondary evaluations/opinions

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield and Viva insurance accepted in network

  • Most other insurance accepted out of network

  • Affordable care plans

Our Approach



Understanding how your body was designed to work is the first step in your wellness journey. Your body is inherently self-healing and self-regulating. For example, if you cut your finger, your body will naturally heal the cut without you ever consciously thinking about all the processes taking place to prevent infection and stop bleeding. This is proof that you are a self-healing organism. Also, your body is constantly performing thousands of functions even as you are sitting here reading this. You produce 200 billion red blood cells every day. Your bone is constantly remodeling itself to maintain strength and durability. Your stomach produces acid and enzymes to digest food. Your immune system kicks into high gear at the presence of foreign invaders. All of these functions take place all day without you even being aware of it. Thank goodness you don't have to schedule time for all these vital tasks!


So how does your body know what to do and when to do it? You were born with a nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and nerves) that controls and oversees all of these important functions. Your nervous system is in constant communication with the rest of the body. Interference to proper communication, or when stress levels exceed the body's ability to properly handle it, will result in cells losing their function, and a state of confusion. Your organs are made up of large numbers of cells, and with systemic imbalance, they will then lose their ability to self-regulate and the body will start to produce dysfunction and disease instead of life, health, and abundance. The nervous system is the master controller of the body, and its health is vital for the body to produce normal function, growth, and repair on a daily basis. Restoring health must include optimizing nerve system function - the most effective way to do this is through specific chiropractic care.


Sickness, disease, and symptoms appear in the body when the nervous system accumulates more stress than in can process and still function well. There are three types of stress that bombard the nervous system in our world; physical, chemical, and emotional/mental. Physical stress includes long hours on the computer, poor posture, bad sleeping habits, and traumas such as car accidents and sports injuries. Chemical stress includes additives/preservatives in foods, artificial sweeteners, pollutants in the air, medications, and chemical-based household cleaners. Emotional/mental stress includes financial stress, job stress, marital stress, negative attitudes, and self-destructive patterns of thinking.


Our approach to your health is simple, but forgotten by most healthcare providers of this age. We increase your awareness of the life stressors that negatively affect your health so you can reduce and possibly eliminate them. Most importantly, we employ chiropractic techniques and nutritional support that work with your body to increase its ability to cope and thrive in the stressful environment we live in today.

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