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What are our clients loving lately?

We get a lot of great feedback from our people! Some of the nicests folks around come to see

us for a variety of wellness services. Here are some of the things they’ve been loving:

* IV infusions Our fans love the Eye of the Tiger, because it helps them recover from sports,

travel, or a ride on Hwy 280!

* Vitamin B12 injections to overcome fatigue and boost energy. They are quick and easy, and

can support your healthy lifestyle.

* Leaving stress on the table! Most of our chiropractic patients find that their stress reduces

almost immediately after an adjustment. Studies also show that feel-good chemicals are

released every time you get adjusted!

* Make an appointment for a weight loss consult with our

Nurse Practitioner who can prescribe semaglutide (Ozempic) and tirzepatide (Mounjaro) for a

fast summer slim down! Many people lose 15-20 pounds in 2-3 months!

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