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The end of the school year is here!

How can we help you handle the challenges of keeping it all together on this final leg of the

school year on our way to summer?

We all know how absolutely crazy the last 6 weeks of the school year can be; awards ceremonies,

sports banquets, endless games, tournaments, summer planning, graduation, final exams, teacher

gifts, parties, and the hustle and bustle to get it all done!

Here are some tips to help you not only get through it all in one piece, but to sail through with

less stress, better organization, and with flying colors!

1. Take care of your body!

Realignment is not just for tires! Chiropractic care for the whole family can help restore health

naturally. Your brain and nervous system controls everything! This includes brain function and how

you respond to stress. Studies show that chiropractic care helps your brain work more efficiently,

and improves your ability to adapt to stress in your life.

Massage therapy is proven to reduce stress and promote calming and ease in the body.

IV vitamin therapy is another amazing tool to help your body adapt to stress, reduce pain, and

increase energy! Our Eye of the Tiger IV can promote recovery and keep you going like the Energizer


Sleep is one of the most important and effective recovery tools in your arsenal. Making sure you

get at least 7 hours each night can significantly help you through the challenges of this season!

Magnesium can be helpful to enhance sleep, as well as taking a hot bath (with epsom salts) 90

minutes before sleep. And remember, stay away from phones/tablets for at least 60 minutes before

bed, and leave devices far from you to limit EMF exposure and waking up due to alerts.

2. Brain dump!

To unload extra stress, it can be really helpful to release all the items and to-dos bogging down

your brain and causing you stress! Writing it all down and making lists helps unload your mind and

reduce your daily stress. Simplify your day, block some down time to breathe and enjoy some calm time. Take a short walk,

call a friend, or simply sit outside in nature for 15 minutes. This can reset the nervous system

and calm you down!

● Enlist help! Your friend and family don’t like seeing you down and out, so ask for help! They

will gladly step up to help you handle the multitude of things you have on your plate!

3. Take care of the inside!

Supporting your adrenal glands with proper supplementation can also be vital at this time. Standard

Process Adrenal Desiccated (available at Element Wellness Center) is a fantastic product to help

reduce the effects of stress.

Food can be medicine, but it can also add to stress and dysfunction. The more sugar, breads,

fast-and-easy processed foods might be convenient, but not nourishing to the body. Support yourself

with healing, whole foods, and supplement with B-complex and Vitamin C (available in

our IVs as well, such as Running on Empty.

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