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Secrets to Handling Stress and Improving Brain Power

Experts ALWAYS Miss This Secret to Dealing With Stress…

Hint: It’s not about learning a new way to cope with it…


We are fighting an impossible battle if our goal is to eliminate stress. Stress will be a permanent fixture in all of our lives….that’s a fact! And stress can kill! However, the key to a healthy life and future is to properly adapt to stress. I hate it when the experts instruct people to learn how to better cope with stress or that society must manage stress better. What does that mean? How do you learn to manage stress? How would you know you are doing it well? We believe that stress is not about just learning to cope with it. In fact, there is something you were born with that has all the answers….YOU! Think about it, you did not have to remind your heart to beat this morning, or your lungs to breathe, guts to digest, blood to travel…you get the point! The intelligence that made you—and keeps you ticking every day—holds the answers to managing stress. Your body already contains the capacity to fully adapt to stress without you even thinking about it. The key is to remove anything that would get in the way of this innate intelligence. Science is now showing us a secret key to unlock this innate potential to deal with stress. Check this out… This is a picture of a brain under MRI imaging. On the left you see the brain lit up many areas. It looks like you are flying over a city at night and looking down at all the lights.

They put this individual in the MRI and then created a stress in his body to measure how the brain responds. The spots of light represent all the areas the brain is recruiting to help adapt and handle that stress. What happens next is revolutionary….

They took that same person out of the MRI and gave him a chiropractic adjustment. Once he was under the MRI scan again they created the same stress as before to monitor the brain’s response. The picture on the right is the same person adapting to the same stress, this time after a chiropractic adjustment. WOW! Was there less stress? Nope, it was exactly the same. His scan clearly shows less brain activity needed to cope with the stress. Chiropractic adjustments bring balance, harmony, and organization! Less energy and more efficiency in dealing with stress is a result of Chiropractic care. It is a key component to dealing with stress! The name of the game is Adapting! So, if everyone you care about is not under regular chiropractic care, WHY NOT? This is a perfect reason, and the best time, to begin chiropractic care. They will thank you!

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