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Chiropractic Care Can Improve Brain Function

We are very excited to announce that another Spinal Research Foundation facilitated research has been published in a highly reputable journal [1].

This study was conducted in an independent medical professor’s lab, where his bioengineer collected and analyzed the data. This is an important bonus for this study – that all data was collected and analysed by scientists from Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark, who had no preconceived ideas about chiropractic.

A Vitally Important Implication

More than just confirming once again that adjusting the spine has an effect on the brain, this study indicates that adjustments impact the function of the prefrontal cortex. Dr. Haavik, lead author in the study, is excited about the implications of the research.

The research shows that when we adjust the spine, we significantly increase activity in the prefrontal cortex, “by almost 20% on average.” The prefrontal cortex is the area in the brain where higher learning and cognition happens. Haavik explains:

“An effect on the function of the prefrontal cortex could explain many previous research results, such as improvements in sensorimotor function relevant to falls-prevention; better joint-position sense in both the upper limb and the lower limb; improved muscle strength in lower limb muscles; better pelvic floor control; and better ability to carry out mental rotation of objects.”