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Don’t Let Allergies Take You Down!

Spring is a beautiful time of year! What a shame to miss out on all of the wonderful opportunities

to get outside and enjoy it.

Here are three ways to sail through allergy season on your terms!

1. Lifestyle

Get enough hydration and sleep. Shower at night to reduce pollen on your pillow from your hair

and face. Wash your pillowcase often. Eat anti-inflammatory foods (ginger, garlic, turmeric, and

foods without added sugar). Try adding local honey to tea or recipes.

2. Supplements

Our favorites for allergy season? D-Hist, Allergco, Curcumin, and Vitamin D. Also support

digestive health with enzymes like Zypan, and probiotics.

Get adjusted. Make sure your nervous system can appropriately respond to stress (in this case,

environmental); it is vital to your springtime health and happiness.

Our allergy treatment can alleviate springtime symptoms by offering ingredients that give the

immune system a surge, balance electrolytes, increase energy, and reduce aches and pains,

which also speed the healing process.

Our sinus and allergy remedy includes:

● High dose Vitamin C

● Vitamin B-12

● B-complex

● Fluids

● Magnesium

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