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Weight training has a host of positive benefits for the aging individual, many of which help to slow down and even reverse many of the undesirable changes associated with aging.

Fitness Staff

This workout focuses on a no-nonsense weight lifting routine specifically designed for the female weight lifter. And although this routine is designed for women, you will find it very similar to weight lifting routines used by men. Why is that you ask? Quite simply, a woman's physiology is almost identical to that of a man's physiology, with the exception of the reproductive system.

Cross Fit Class

The experts know that chest training must be planned Failure to structure your chest routine towards overall pec development, as well as failure to work on weak points in your pecs can lead to noticeable imbalances.


Because the back muscles are the largest and most complex muscles of the upper torso, their development is paramount. Unfortunately they're also one of the toughest muscle groups to "feel" while you train.


Developing appreciable arm size can be achieved by anyone adhering to a sensible and effective arm training program if they can remain focused and committed... then it's simply a matter of time and proper nutrition.

High Plank

Nice abs are not difficult to develop, you simply need to attend to your diet and perform a few necessary exercises on a consistent basis. Once you can do that, you'll be well on your way to a chiseled midsection.

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