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Some of the following may be part of your examination:

  • Physical: This is a general evaluation that may include the recording of height, weight, pulse, blood pressure and similar measurements.

  • Orthopedic: These test your ability to turn, bend and move important joints of your body through their expected range of motion.

  • Neurological: We test muscle activity, sensation, inflammation, and other aspects pointing to the health of your central nervous system.

  • Chiropractic: This includes postural evaluation, palpation, and other procedures to reveal neurological problems.

  • Tytron Paraspinal Thermography Scan: evaluates the state of your nervous system by measuring paraspinal skin temperature, giving an exact picture of how your body is functioning at this moment.

  • X-rays: These give us tremendous insight into the state of your spine and supporting structures- the culmination of your health up to now.

Tytron Paraspinal Thermography Scan

The Tytron Paraspinal Thermal Scanner utilizes precision sensors, special lenses and unique focusing barrels. The Tytron takes multiple temperature readings along the spine starting from the low back to the upper neck. The scanner rolls up your spine while performing this painless test.

Our office uses the Tytron infrared thermographic system to detect and monitor harmful tension within the spine and nervous system. These damaging stress patterns known as subluxations, affect spinal health and impact overall wellness, and because subluxations are a mostly silent process, these advanced technologies are essential for screening our patients and their family's nervous systems in order to recommend the most effective care and professional advice.



Themography Scan
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