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The Biggest Food Categories to Avoid for A Healthy Immune System

  1. Sugar: Sugar is the biggest culprit in depleting your immune system. Not only do bad bacteria feed off of sugar, which can lead to infections and leave room for viruses to grow, sugar also reduces the effectiveness of Vitamin C in your body. Stay away from all kinds of sugar (Even sugary orange juice- shocker!) to avoid getting sick. Even artificial sweeteners cause disruption to the gut that deplete your immune system. Instead of sugary snacks, stick to whole fruits and water to satisfy your need for something sweet that most often times comes from dehydration.
  2. Caffeine: Did you know caffeine triggers an adrenaline response? Instead of being in a “rest and repair” state when you’re fighting off sickness, drinking caffeine puts you into a “fight or flight” state and shuts off your immune processes. Do yourself a favor and choose decaffeinated drinks or switch to a slower form of caffeine like green tea that won’t cause as much of a stress response in the body and also contains antioxidants.

  3. Wheat: Gluten found in wheat is a natural gut- disrupter. We know the majority of our immune system is housed in our intestinal bacteria, and any damage done to this delicate balance affects our overall health. Switch to non-wheat containing grains like Quinoa, Rice, and Gluten-Free Oats to avoid this gut-disruption and give your immune system a break!

Avoiding these 3 main food categories will save your immune system from a lot of hard fights. However, to truly support the immune system, focus on what you CAN eat. This includes such plenty of dark, leafy greens, veggies of all kinds, whole fruits, lean meats, and lots of water! Supplementing with great herbal remedies like Echinacea, Andrographis, and Garlic are also great additives into your health regimen.

As always, if you are someone you struggles with immunity or just want to give your body an extra boost, let’s chat! Book an appointment with me at [email protected] or giving the office a call! (205) 981-8090.