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One important step to creating a lifestyle of wellness is smart grocery shopping. When we select the best ingredients and products from the get-go, our time in the kitchen is much more enjoyable because we know we are creating quality meals for ourselves and our families.

Once per quarter, Dr. Olivia and Allie take guests on a tour of a grocery store and offer healthy, budget-friendly shopping hints that everyone can - and should! - easily implement. They discuss topics such as seasonal shopping, label reading, and the basic shopping list. Guests enjoy offering tips of their own, too!

Dr. Olivia and Allie combine their years of education and experience in nutrition and creating healthy lifestyles into an easy-to-follow guide no matter what grocery store you choose. Their shopping guide is chock full of healthy and helpful information, including a template for creating a meal plan and grocery list.

Look for the next Shop with the Doc this Fall, and plan to dig into bulk shopping at Sprouts!