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What does working with a Holistic Nutritionist look like?

Allie Parsons, C.H.N.

[email protected]

  • A Holistic Nutritionist evaluates an individual by taking into consideration all areas of health, including "normal" day of eating, physical activity levels, stress levels, sleep issues, medical conditions, digestion, past health problems, and even lab work.
  • A Holistic Nutritionist may provide meal plans or diet recommendations that are evidence based.
  • A Holistic Nutritionist may recommend food-based supplements that will assist in meeting an individual’s health needs

What a Holistic Nutritionist does NOT do:

  • Diagnose medical conditions
  • Prescribe medication or advise stopping any medication
  • “Treat” or “Cure” diseases

Interested in Working with Me?

  • Your 1st visit: Evaluation. Your first visit is for me to to get to know you and assess your needs. This appointment should last no more than 30 minutes.
  • Your 2nd visit: Report of Findings. Here I will report to you my findings and recommendations, give you a meal plan of varying degree, and discuss our plan of action going forward.
  • Your 3rd visit: Follow Up. We will talk about what went right and what went wrong in the past week of following your care plan. We will make adjustments from here.
  • Every visit following: Your next visits are all about what you need from me, with nutrition education included. New plan? Meal prep assistance? Restaurant guides? These are completely dictated by your needs.

Pricing per visit: $50

*does not include supplement fees

Schedule your first consultation today! [email protected]

**Allie is a foodie at heart and loves helping people reach their health goals and fall in love with whole, real foods. She firmly believes that food is much more than physical nourishment, but also emotional, cultural, and spiritual. If she could live off of any two foods it would be sweet potatoes and dark chocolate!