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Loving Your Body in a World That Tells You Not To

- Allie Parsons of Eating with Allie

How many images of tempting food or promising weight-loss ads have popped up on your social media feed or TV screen today already? What about images of fitness models? Diet trends? The odds are you’ve seen all of these things today at least once.

Our current world produces so many conflicting messages about health and body image, it can feel almost impossible to find a happy place balance between enjoying food and living well. Should you eat zero carbs, eat like a caveman, lift insanely heavy weights, or run 6 miles a day? Should you have cheat days or have dessert each day? Is skinny or muscular better? With all of these choices to make about living a “healthy” life, so many are left feeling insecure and hopeless about their bodies and about their lifestyle.

Tips to love your body more today:

  1. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. You are a walking miracle. The fact that a billion different reactions and signals travel through your body each day to make you, you is something to rejoice over. Not only will those negative thoughts stop tearing you down, but you might also gain health benefits from a transformed dialogue. Researchers continue to explore the effects of positive thinking, which may include: increased life span, greater resistance to the common cold, better cardiovascular health, and reduced risk of death. The mind is powerful! Start each day by thanking your body for what it can do.

  2. Eat some fat. For so long, we were scared of dietary fat making us fat or, worse, raising our cholesterol and affecting heart health. Research is now showing that the intake of healthy fats (Essential Fatty Acids) that come from sources like avocados, fish oils, nuts, and seeds, are actually beneficial in promoting healthy cholesterol levels, while also reducing inflammation and supporting brain health. Eating your daily dose of avocado might actually help your mood and influence how you think and feel about your body.

  3. Treat food as a gift to be enjoyed. Food is more than just nourishment; it also has social, cultural, and spiritual implications. There is a reason that certain smells and tastes of food bring us back to good or bad memories, why we prepare meals on holidays, why we gather over meals for get-togethers. Food is meant to be delighted in, treasured, and shared. When you eat, remind yourself that it is an experience that should bring you joy, while also providing your body with nourishment and energy to complete your wonderful purpose. Make meal time something fun by sharing it with friends or getting creative with cooking.

  4. Get outside! Sunlight is the best medicine for so many reasons. You need vitamin D for all body processes, including hormone regulation, metabolism, immune health, and so much more. But going outside has even more benefits; it usually means movement (dopamine booster!), social interaction, and staying off negative sources like social media and internet. Not only sunshine, but dirt is capable of boosting your mood, as there are properties in the dirt that cause serotonin production in the body. Go play!

There are many other way to love your body, such as yoga, meditation, journaling, etc., but when it comes to food, the best thing you can do for yourself is nourish your body with fruits, vegetables, and good fats.

I’d love to walk with you in your journey to health!

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Allie received her degree in Nutrition from Samford University. She is nearing the end of her Holistic Nutrition Certification. If you are having trouble sleeping, loosing (or gaining weight), trouble with sugar handing, or if you are looking to understand why you are feeling the way you are she is a fantastic asset and can help you get back to doing what you want to do! Email her to set up a nutrition consult today!