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Healthy Living Through Whole Foods

We believe the body works best with organic (pesticide-free), non-genetically modified, whole food nutrition. That means we should eat real food for nourishment, as it was intended, such as meats, vegetables, nuts, and seeds (and some fruits). Most else is NOT real food. However, we understand the reality of busy schedules and today's lifestyle, as well as the practicality of preparing certain foods. There are some foods that are better than others, and our practice can be a valuable resource to steer you toward the healthiest options for your lifestyle and family needs.

For those that need additional nutritional support and supplementation, we prefer Standard Process and MediHerb products. Their formulas are derived directly from whole food ingredients, and Dr. Goldenberg has been invited to tour their facility in Wisconsin on two different occasions, including the farm where they grow their nutrients and the factory where they bottle their supplements. Standard Process sets the bar high for all companies to equal their level of quality, cleanliness, and density of nutrients.

Every person has different needs, so each person's nutritional regimen will vary according to their history, lifestyle, and physical, emotional, and biochemical demands.

To schedule a nutritional evaluation, please contact our office at 205-981-8090 or schedule a complimentary consultation, email Allie.