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Grace was born in Birmingham, AL and grew up in Johns Creek, GA (when she and her family moved there it was mainly horse country … not as much traffic then). She graduated from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia (Go Bears)!

Grace joined our team in 2017, but her Chiropractic journey did not start there! She “found” Chiropractic when her doctor recommended her make an appointment after exhausting other avenues. While she came in for one thing she was surprised by all the benefits that started to occur (one in particular were her migraines that started while she was in college. Her doctors said she would have to “live with the migraines,” but she is happy to report she has not had one in years).

Her passion is seeing others live to their fullest potential; whether that is through assisting along their health journey or encouraging people to be their best self. When not helping people file their insurance claims, she enjoys walking, traveling, volunteering around town, and singing in her church choir!