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Smartphones, other devices leave people with pain, headaches

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) - We all have smartphones, tablets and laptops and most of us are on them all the time.

But what you may not know is that constantly looking down at those devices isn't good for your health.

Ellen Godfrey goes to Greystone Chiropractic regularly for overall wellness but also for neck pain.

Her doctor, Lee Goldenberg, helped ease her pain and also figured out why she was having it.

"He learned more about my job," said Godfrey. "I'm either on the laptop or mobile device of some sort, all the time."

Dr. Goldenberg says doing so caused an improper curve in her neck.

"It's mostly a kyphosis," said Dr. Goldenberg.

Or more widely known as tech neck.

Dr. Goldenberg is seeing more patients complaining of migraines, neck pain and jaw pain caused by it. Parents are even bringing in their children to get treatment for tech neck.

"The constant strain on the neck muscles from looking down, it can put upwards of 50 pounds of extra weight on the head," said Dr. Goldenberg. "It's going to affect nerves, so going to affect muscles, joints and bone condition."

Dr. Goldenberg suggests using a tablet stand and holding your device more at eye level as much as you can.

Godfrey is more mindful of those things now that she knows her health depends on it.

"You don't think about the stress of this bowling ball on your neck being bent down. That can create stress over time and pain," said Godfrey.

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