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SuperMom or Perfect Storm?

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As parents, we tend to focus on how to help our kids thrive, and direct our attention to their needs 100% of the time. Often, though a certain and very important person is overlooked in this equation...MOM! Often, mom is the most important yet overlooked ingredient/s in the pediatric mix.

We all know how moms roll. They get up before the sun, often with little sleep, to care for their child...drink their first cup/bucket of coffee, and begin to attack the day. They dive into making breakfast, packing lunches, dropping kids off/picking them up, helping with homework, confirming appointments/activities, and for many of them, somehow finding time to get themselves ready for their own day of accomplishments.

If you’re thinking, “sounds about right,” you also know what early mornings and busy days can do to even the most amazing of supermoms. For most moms in our office, it’s a few things wrapped into one: fatigue, headache, neck and upper back tension, and foggy thinking (adrenal fatigue).

Just like the “perfect storm” child is now commonplace in the U.S., the stressed out, worn-down mom is the “new norm” as well. Interestingly enough, the causes of this pandemic are the same: too much stress, poor dietary habits, and sedentary living. The “3Ts” we talk about in chiropractic (thoughts, traumas, and toxins) affect adults the same way they do children, by overwhelming the central nervous system, which keep it in perpetual sympathetic (fight/flight) overdrive.

The longer we remain “stuck” on the gas, the faster we burn out and wear down. All of this adds up to something chiropractors term “subluxation,” which is basically an overstressed, overworked, poorly functioning spine and nervous system. For women, subluxation and stress bears down and typically presents itself in their neck, right in between the shoulders, and the hips or pelvis.

DON'T LET THIS BECOME YOUR NEW NORMAL! DON'T OVERLOOK THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE HOUSE! SuperMoms deserve super care, and Greystone Chiropractic can help you reset, restore, and revive. Call us at 205-981-8090 or email for your appointment!