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What Do We Know About Corporate Wellness?

It is simple - healthier employees are more productive. Better productivity means higher bottom line and more efficient business operations. All companies strive for a more productive work force, with less expenditures. Chiropractic wellness care is all about helping companies make more and spend less buy getting the most our of their employees, naturally.Corporate Health

The largest profit-killer in corporate America, worse than absenteeism, is a phenomenon called presenteeism. Presenteeism is the loss of productivity and income based on employees being present at work while sick, tired, or otherwise incapacitated. They are "present," but far less functional than those in good health. This costs your company money, and makes the employee miserable and resentful that they must be at work. Presenteeism costs American companies between $150 and $250 BILLION annually! Costs for preseneeism are about 60% of the total cost of worker illness (

In 2004, the Harvard Business Review reported a study that assessed the impact of 28 medical conditions on workers' productivity at Lockheed Martin Corporation. They found that employees who came to wok sick that year with ailments such as allergies, headaches, lower back pain, arthritis, colds, and flu, set the company back $34 MILLION! Allergies and sinus trouble led the pack with the highest losses to the company, totaling $1.8 million.

How can we prevent presenteeism and absenteeism? Maintain a healthier lifestyle!

Essentials to health:

  • Optimal nervous system function (chiropractors are trained to detect and correct nerve system interference, which helps the body heal and promote health

  • Maximized nutrition (eating for health, not merely taste!)

  • Regular exercise (30 minutes a day can decrease chances of chronic illness/disease by 60%)

  • Stress management (this topic is so large that we hold stress management workshops regularly at our office, or will happily present the workshop at your company!)

  • Proper hydration (this little tip can make profound changes in your health, all by itself!)

  • Adequate rest (this is when your body does its healing- it is essential at all ages!)

  • Fostering good relationships/emotional support (we are social creatures, and must have healthy relationships for our personal health and well-being)