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How can we help your company?

I. Corporate Workshops

We present a 30-40 minute talk at your location, for businesses of all sizes. Some topics include (we can tailor programs to meet each company's needs):

  • Managing Stress Naturally- reasons why stress is killing you, and tips you can implement right now to manage stress naturally and more effectively

  • Nutrition for Life- eating for health without sacrificing taste

  • Does Batman Ever Call-In Sick? You Shouldn't Have To, Either - how to break the cycle of colds, flu, sinus infections, and more

  • Supercharge Your Brain and Body! Nutrition and lifestyle tips on how to boost brain power, body function, and overall health for optimal performance in any situation

  • Sugar Shakers - breaking the addiction of the legal "white stuff"

  • Improved Posture With Easy Stretches and Strengthening

  • What Parents Need to Know About Ear Infections

  • What You Didn't Know about ADD/ADHD

  • Workshop on Wellness

II. Spinal and Postural Screenings at Corporate Health Fairs

This includes evaluation of shoulder heights, hip heights, head position, weight distribution, and shoulder orientation. We also use revolutionary computerized technology to measure muscle activity and balance, which indicates how nerves below the surface are functioning. These nerves control all functions in the body, including all organs, cells, and tissues. Finding the problems before they are symptoms is crucial to healing quicker and preventing future chronic health concerns.