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Children and Sports


It is estimated that 30 million children now participate in organized sports including soccer, football, swimming, gymnastics, hockey, skating and baseball. Correspondingly, as participation increases, injuries increase. Sports injuries to young people now exceed the occurrence of infectious disease. (1)

More than 700,000 children under the age of 15 are taken to the hospital emergency room for treatment of sports-related injuries. In fact, children between the ages 11-15 account for 55% of all sports-related injuries that require hospitalization. (2)

Sports and recreational activities account for 4.3 million or 36% of all injuries to children in the United States. (3)

The increase in emergency-related injuries for children includes well-known injuries such as broken arms and twisted ankles—these injuries are certainly not new. What is new, however, are the types of children’s sports injuries seldom seen in past generations. They are overuse injuries caused by small, but repetitive injuries to the body’s tissues, joints and spinal columns resulting in chronic health conditions.

Chiropractic adjustments for children of all ages are of tremendous benefit for the treatment and prevention of injuries and to maximize performance potential.

Chiropractic’s focus on the spine and nervous system is also important for children, since it is their nervous system which controls their entire growth and development.

Be sure to follow the example of the professional athletes, and have your child's spine checked regularly, both after sporting events to minimize the effects of trauma, and before the competitions to enhance athletic performance.

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