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The Doctors

Our office is dedicated to the health and wellness of your entire family. With more than a dozen years of experience, Dr. Lee Goldenberg, Dr. Olivia Miller and the amazing Greystone Chiropractic staff is experienced in a variety of chiropractic and holistic healing techniques to help patients of all ages thrive in today's environment.

Lee Goldenberg, D.C.

Lee Goldenberg Chiropractor

I am a chiropractic patient— I grew up knowing nothing about chiropractic or true health.

At eight years old, I had my first migraine, which became a regular occurrence in my life. The only way I learned to cope was to lie in a dark room while life carried on normally for others around me. I suffered from migraines for fifteen years, and finally realized that over-the-counter and prescription drugs were not the answer. I had never considered chiropractic until I met my future wife.

Her father was a chiropractor in Tuscaloosa, and he detected several spinal misalignments that were contributing and/or causing my health issues. He began correcting my spine, and the migraines reduced dramatically. Also, my longstanding low back pain felt amazing improvement. Most notable to me, however, was that I had not been sick that year, as I usually did. My health was at an overall high, and chiropractic was responsible.

These miraculous changes inspired my decision to enroll at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, where I graduated with Research Honors. As a student, I had the pleasure of working on two NIH-funded studies on low back pain, and another study that was published in the Journal of Chiropractic Education. It gives me great joy to see health improvements in others through natural chiropractic care, and to see people achieve the same amazing results as I did.

My wife and four boys have received regular chiropractic care since birth, and enjoy happy and healthy lives thanks to optimal nervous system function. They have never needed to take medications, antibiotics, or over-the-counter pills, and attribute their great health to chiropractic care, good eating, and a healthy dose of play time. We look forward to serving you and your family at Greystone Chiropractic!

Olivia Miller, D.C.

I knew nothing about chiropractic care when I was first hired as a chiropractic assistant in 2008 where Dr. Lee served as one of my first chiropractors. Immediately, I saw that every chiropractic patient benefited in profound ways because of the care that was provided. I was fascinated with how people would come into the office moving rigidly and hunched over but left walking smoother and with better posture -- in less than half an hour! I loved hearing the stories of couples who could not conceive until they received regular chiropractic adjustments, and it was always a joy to see their children come in for adjustments with them. As I progressed through my own care plan, I noticed that not only was my posture better, but I didn't have the typical seasonal sinus infections that I learned to live with my entire life. The more I learned about the impact that chiropractors have because they work with the body to remove nervous system interference, the more I wanted to do that for as many people as possible, too.

A year after being hired as a chiropractic assistant for Dr. Lee, I enrolled in the chirorpactic program at Life University in Marietta, GA. There I met my wonderful husband, and we now have three children who have all been adjusted since birth! They are the reasons behind my passion for family wellness chiropractic. It was through my own pregnancies that I developed a deeper appreciation for serving mothers and children, so I joined the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association to learn how to best serve families. I have seen chiropractic care alleviate asthmatic breathing for my oldest child. Adjustments regularly calm my middle child who has been described as "having a lot of energy." My youngest was born prematurely, but she has never experienced any developmental delays.

Regular chiropractic care allows my own family to function at our best, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help the Greystone Chiropractic family - and one of my first chiropractors - do the same. As an alumnus of Chilton County High School, UAB, and Auburn University, I am excited to be in the Birmingham area again, and I love providing a natural health care solution close to home!

To schedule an evaluation, please contact our office at 205-981-8090.

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