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Action Steps for Prevention in our Office regarding COVID-19

Attention to Greystone Chiropractic Practice Members

We are open to provide you care. In regards to the (COVID-19) Coronavirus:

To be as proactive as possible and minimize any interruption in your much needed healthcare here at our office, Greystone Chiropractic has taken several important steps and actions to dramatically keep our office healthy and as sterile as possible for the people like you who we take care of and our staff.

REMINDER: per CDC policy, if you have a fever, cough, or other known symptoms, and/or have been traveling outside the country in the last 14 days, please refrain from coming to our office, and STAY HOME until you have recovered and can demonstrate recovery.

  1. Please be sure you have a SCHEDULED APPT. No walk-ins are allowed (this is our policy whether or not there is a pandemic).
  2. Please TEXT when you arrive (205-981-8090): state your name and the word “Here” and we will tell you what room to proceed to, and when. Please refrain from touching anything unnecessarily. Bathrooms are in normal operation and are sanitized regularly.
  3. We will check you in and out at the front desk and adjustment rooms.
  4. We wipe and sterilize all adjustment tables and instruments after each adjustment.
  5. We have wipes at each table for your use, and Dr. Lee will be sterilizing his hands after each adjustment.
  6. The office team will be cleaning all surfaces, handles, bathrooms, switches, etc in the office throughout the day, at a minimum of every 30 minutes.
  7. Our playroom will be off limits, to reduce any potential risk. Sorry, kids and parents! 😕
  8. Safe distances- if we have your card on file, we will charge it for what you owe (if you are not on a wellness plan; wellness plans are ideal to maximize your care and save you money. Ask staff via email or text for more info).
  9. Roller tables (which were always included at no extra charge in our office) and electric stimulation are no longer in use, to minimize time in the office and touching surfaces.
  10. We will restrict our numbers in our office at one time to exceed compliance with CDC requirements; please be patient, as it takes a few minutes to sterilize the tables between patients.

Please text or call us with any additional concerns or with any specific needs you may have to ensure your care is uninterrupted.

Our goal is to ADJUST you- this has been shown to help restore nervous system function, which controls every cell, organ, and system in the body, and has been shown to reduce the stress response, which directly relates to immune function.

We are vigilant in our efforts to serve you and your healthcare needs during this time. Chiropractic care is an essential way to improve and sustain your overall body health and overal function.

Please check in with any updates on our Facebook page or text or call into the office at anytime.

Thank you so much for your patience, your diligence, and your continued trust in our care. We will always be dedicated to your well being and strive to keep our community as healthy as it can be!

Please remember that adjustments will keep you healthy and strong!

Dr. Lee Goldenberg
Greystone Chiropractic