Chiropractic Can Help You

Did you know that some 40 million Americans take medication to deal with negative thoughts and depression? That’s one in 5 people! Even though chiropractic is not designed to "treat" depression, when coupled with exercise, healthy eating, positive affirmations, and reading uplifting books and articles to stay positive, chiropractic care can be a tremendous asset to someone dealing with depression or negativity by restoring balance to the nervous system.

Often today, people are in "Sympathetic Dominance" or "Sympathetic Overload," which means they are in stress physiology and can't rest and repair as designed. Chiropractic care works by improving your nervous system by detecting and correcting vertebral subluxations which alter nerve function and cause sympathetic imbalance.

There are many research articles to show that unsubluxated people have a more positive outlook and live happier lives. Research shows that people of all ages have a better quality of life after beginning chiropractic care than they did prior to chiropractic care. Linked here are 30 peer reviewed case studies that show these amazing facts.